Kindergarten Enrichment

Effective Kindergarten Enrichment

Your four to five-year-old child can be prepared for kindergarten by getting their education started early! Your child doesn't get simple childcare services, but instead, they get the benefit of prekindergarten education integrated into the care.

Our 30 years of experience at A+ Child Care & Learning Center in Marysville, OH can get your child started on the right foot.

Advance Preschool Skills

In the next age group, your child will be ready for the advance preschool skills. The goal for children in our Kindergarten Enrichment Program is to improve their math skills, science skills, beginning reading skills, continued socialization skills and technology skills. You'll be proud of your child making progress!

We offer military and multiple child DISCOUNTS.

Preparing Your Child

Our goal is to prepare your children to excel on kindergarten. It is important to us that your child will excel and grow as they go through the next phase of their life which is kindergarten.

More than Education

Here at A+ Child Care & Learning Center, we help your child improve their skills and achieve their true potential.

How Can We Help Your Child's Growth

  • Your children can enjoy an adventure with friends
  • Further reading progress with letter cases and sounds
  • Computer Literacy. Your children will learn basic computer skills
  • Math and science skills to get them hooked on learning
To learn more about our kindergarten program, visit us at
398 Damascus Rd.
We participate in the Union, Madison, and Champaign counties' childcare network.
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